Premium Financed Life Insurance

These programs multiply the revenue generated from your wealthiest and most generous donors using life insurance policies from A and A+ rated carriers with premiums paid for by nationally known banks… and the out-of-pocket cost to your donors is zero.

Let me repeat that. Organizations using our premium financed insurance Charitable Giving Program can generate millions of dollars in additional revenue without your donors spending one extra penny. In fact, not only will your organization benefit more handsomely than you could hope for… your donor’s heirs will also receive millions of dollars just for supporting your organization.

This unique, tested and proven program is so powerful that nonprofits can say, “Help us meet our fundraising goal and we’ll help make all your children millionaires… guaranteed!”

Private Label Premium Water Program

Over this coming year H.O.P.E. will offer a wide range of high quality consumable products but what better product for our initial launch than one that requires no explanation, everyone needs and is easy to use so we decided to offer water… but not just any water, a refreshing, high quality, premium water that’s healthy to drink everyday for your family and one you’ll serve proudly to your most discriminating guests.

So the next time you offer a loved one, a cherished friend or a valued business associate a drink… you can offer them the champagne of bottled waters.

Our meticulous process is all done in-house from bottling, to labeling, printing, filling, packing and shipping so our most demanding health-conscious consumers will be assured they are drinking the highest quality product produced in a state of-the-art facility that meets or exceeds all local and state guidelines.

Our facility is FDA approved and we only use environmentally responsible materials and BPA-Free PET (1) RPET 100% bottles to assure purity. From our springs to your glass, you can now enjoy the safest, purest and most refreshing water… salute (to your health).

Other Products


We know that snacks are generally not healthy but boy, they sure do taste good and most people just can’t seem to get enough of them. But what if we told you that we will soon offer a line of snacks that is truly different because we left out all the artificial ingredients, saturated fats, refined sugars and artificial flavorings. The one thing we didn’t leave out was the flavor.

And yes, with all the things we left out, we had to add a few more things in like extra vitamins and nutrients so while snacks are generally high in calories, at least you’ll be getting extra goodness without all that extra guilt.


Ah, who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially when you wrap it around organic fruits and nuts and make it the European way without all those artificial sweeteners like corn syrup and saturated fats.

And even though chocolate may be considered a sinful indulgence, doctors are now saying that dark chocolate is good for your heart. Hey, who knew chocolate was a health food so why not enjoy a piece today.


Every woman loves to receive flowers. Whether it’s for a birthday, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, holidays, special occasions… even when sent with an apology. So guys, increase your romantic quotient by giving the women in your life the gift you know she’ll love… almost as much as she loves you.

And don’t be too surprised if she gives you something in return to show just how much she loves you.

Our floral assortments are unique, freshly picked, come with beautiful poems for all occasions, are attractively packaged and delivered free.

Gifts, Games and Goofy Items

It’s generally hard to find the right item, for the right person at the right time. What if they don’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit? What if it’s too complicated or doesn’t work properly?

Now you can stop “what ifing” and select the perfect gift every time. Why? Because everyone loves to laugh and we’ve developed a catalog of special gifts for all occasions that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the recipient.

We admit they are on the wild and wacky side but doesn’t that beat dull and boring? So the next time you need a special gift for that special someone and you’re feeling especially frustrated, check out our special gift catalog and get ready to feel especially appreciated.