H.O.P.E. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Revenue Enhancement Worldwide, Inc. The company was formed to provide nonprofit organizations a large, growing and self-sustaining source of revenue without cost or risk.

Premium Financed Life Insurance Programs

H.O.P.E. works closely with International Premium Financing Associates, another wholly owned subsidiary of Revenue Enhancement Worldwide, to provide life insurance based programs that could generate millions of dollars in donations to nonprofit organizations without donors spending a single dollar in out-of-pocket expenses.
For more information on International Premium Financing Associates, please go to: www.InternationalPremiumFinancingAssociates.com

Complementary Programs

While our insurance-based programs generate a large amount of revenue per participant, but only a small number of people will qualify, our subscription-based programs generate a small amount of revenue per participant, but a large number of people will qualify.

Premium Financed Life Insurance Programs
Q: What is Premium Financed Life Insurance? How does it benefit individuals, for profit companies and nonprofit organizations?
A: These are programs that are oriented to high net worth individuals and corporations whereby a third party pays the premium thus providing the insured to have much greater coverage at substantially lower out of pocket costs.

Q: Do you use major banks and insurance carriers with well established reputations or small companies that no one has ever heard of and may not be reliable?
A: All our affiliated banks and insurance carriers are well known, well respected and have decades of experience representing most of the largest and most successful corporations and nonprofits in the US.

Q: How long has H.O.P.E. been offering these programs?
A: Although our company is relatively new, you can have a great deal of confidence in all our programs because we are simply a marketing company that represents well established companies with proven and successful track records.

Q: Why is the IPFA Program better than the life insurance program I can get from my current insurance agent?
A: Most insurance agents are not experienced in this area and do not have the expertise of the financial connections to sell and manage a premium financed program.

Q: How does the program work?
A: It is very similar to other life insurance programs except that we bring in a bank or other well-known lending institution that makes the premium payment and uses the insurance policy as collateral. When the insured dies, the insurance company pays the death benefit into a trust that then pays back the bank for the premiums and a small additional amount for interest. The balance is then divided among the policies’ beneficiaries.

Q: Are there any additional benefits the program offers?
A: Yes, because the insured now has greater coverage at much lower costs, s/he now has the ability to use those funds for other purposes.

Q: How long does the process take from the time I fill out the application until I know that I’m covered?
A: This will vary on a case-by-case basis but generally the process shouldn’t take more than three months.

Q: Am I required to undergo a medical exam? What if I have a pre-existing condition?
A: Yes, this aspect of the program is just like any other individual life insurance policy. Certain pre-existing conditions may disqualify you from the program but you can speak to the licensed agent we assign to your case for specific details.

Q; Is there a cost for the medical exam?
A: The insurance carrier pays this cost. There is no out-of-pocket expense for the insured.

Q: If this program is so good, why haven’t I heard about it before?
A: Most people are amazed to learn that these programs have been around since 1975 when Congress passed a law allowing third parties to pay insurance premiums. However, only very high net worth individual qualified for the program so few companies specialized in it and even today, many agents are unfamiliar with the concept.

Q: How can I be assured the insurance carrier will pay the death benefit?
A: In the entire history of life insurance in the United States, not a single policy has ever failed to pay the death benefit. All insurance carriers contribute to a pool to protect the insured should any carrier go out of business for any reason.

Q: How can I be assured that the bank will continue to pay all the premiums?
A: We understand your concern but to our knowledge, this has never happened. First, banks have access to an almost unlimited supply of money. Second, banks are in the business of lending money. By securing the loan with the cash value of a highly rated insurance policy, the banks are comfortable.

Q: Is this a new high-risk program or do you have a history of success?
A: Our affiliate company will be responsible for your case from start to finish. They have successfully been doing this for almost seventeen years and have written more than $8 billion so the program is well proven and vetted.

Q: Who are the banks and insurance companies involved in this program?
A: We only use A and A+ rated insurance carriers and nationally known banks and financially resources. For a complete list, click on the following links:
~ Insurance Carriers
~ Banks and Funding Sources
~ Programs for Individuals

Q: Will this program affect my total insurability that I may need in the future?
A: That will depend on the specific program you choose. All regular programs will with the exception of the Charitable Giving Program. This is no different from life insurance programs where you are responsible for paying the premiums.

Q: Do you use major banks and insurance carriers with well established reputations or small companies that no one has ever heard of and may not be reliable?
A: All our affiliated banks and insurance carriers are well known, well respected and have decades of experience representing most of the largest and most successful corporations and nonprofits in the US.

Q: How long has H.O.P.E. been offering these programs?
A: Although our company is relatively new, you can have a great deal of confidence in all our programs because we are simply a marketing company that represents well established companies with proven and successful track records.

Q: What are the qualifications for a person to participate?
A: Generally speaking, you will need a $5 million net worth for most of our programs.
We have certain programs where you will only need to earn $100,000 annually to qualify.
You should discuss your situation with the licensed agent we will assign to your case.

Q: Can my spouse join the program also?
A: Yes, as long as your spouse meets all the qualifications for acceptance.

Q: Is it possible to get greater coverage?
A: Yes, just as with any other policy, your coverage will be related to your insurability and that generally means it’s related to your net worth or income.

Programs for Companies
Q: What are the benefits to for-profit companies?
A: This depends on the program they choose and they could choose multiple programs. IPFA’s Employee Retention Program could result in attracting higher quality employees and retaining them for a longer period of time.
Our Buy/Sell Agreements for partners could result in beneficiaries receiving a higher death benefit while the firm retains cash to be used for other corporate purposes.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for an employee to participate?
A: Employees who qualify for IPFA’s Employee Retention Program only need to earn $100,000 annually. Then, using the power of premium financing, we can increase their benefits at a minimum by 400% at no additional out of pocket cost.

Programs for Nonprofit Organizations
Q: How can this program help my church, school, hospital or other nonprofits that I support?
A: The IPFA Charitable Giving Program, at a minimum, could generate about $5,000,000 to the nonprofit for each person who participates… and there is no limit to the number of participants each nonprofit can generate.

Q: What is the benefit to nonprofit organizations?
A: The IPFA Charitable Giving Program could potentially generate more money with less work than any other fundraising program. Even ultra wealthy donors could participate in this program without interfering with their regular charitable giving activities.

Q: How do nonprofits make money from this program?
A: The donation is made on behalf of the donor/insured from the plan. There is ZERO out of pocket cost by the donor. At the lowest level, the nonprofit would receive: $25,000 annually for the first five years; $50,000 annually for the next five years; and then $100,000 annually for the life of the insured.
At the time of death, both the nonprofit and the insured’s beneficiaries would each get about $3,500,000.

Q: Are there any continuing obligations or expenses a nonprofit would incur from their members joining the program?
A: There are no costs to the nonprofit.

Q: How much revenue can a nonprofit generate for each person it refers to the program?
A: That depends on the net worth of the individual and how much insurance s/he chooses to get. At the minimum, it should average approximately $5,000,000 for each participant.
Plus, the participant’s beneficiaries also receive millions of dollars tax-free so the larger the policy, the more money for both the nonprofit and the insured’s beneficiaries.

Q: How do you propose a nonprofit promotes this program to its members?
A: Virtually every nonprofit we’re familiar with has at least one or more people in charge of fundraising. The larger the nonprofit the more likely they will have a staff of people dedicated to working n this area. These people may not be personally familiar with every donor but you can rest assured they are well acquainted with all their key donors.
Our licensed agent would meet with these people and explain a number of ways the IPFA Program could be incorporated into their regular marketing and educational programs.

Q: What types of nonprofits qualify for this program?
A: Any legitimate nonprofit would qualify. This would include, hospitals, schools, charities, religious organizations, foundations and associations.

Q: Does this program impact a nonprofit’s tax status?
A: We are not licensed as tax attorneys, CPAs, or financial advisors so the best advice we can give is for each client to discuss the program with their own advisors.

Subscription Programs
Q: What products are included in this program?
A: H.O.P.E is launching with several beverages, beginning with a premium-bottled water. We chose water because it is a product everyone must consume and the right water can make a huge difference in contributing to a person’s health.
However, a case of bottled water is heavy and terribly inconvenient to lug from the supermarket to your car and from your car to your home, especially if you’re elderly, have a back condition, or just live in an area that is subject to severe weather conditions like rain, snow and extreme cold or heat and that is why we’re not just offering a premium quality water, we’re including FREE shipping right to your door.

Q: How does H.O.P.E. choose its suppliers?
A: We only use suppliers that have a proven track record for quality, integrity and those that meet or exceed all government standards for quality and purity.

Q: What other products will H.O.P.E. be adding to its product offering?
A: We’re evaluating a number of products but we’re also inviting suggestions from our subscribers. The additional categories we’re considering include: Popcorn, nuts, chocolates, fruits and flowers. Please feel free to suggest others.

Q: Are H.O.P.E. products more expensive than those I can buy in my local supermarket?
A: It depends. If you compare our premium products to inferior products then the answer is yes but we only offer products that are premium products that also offer good value. And remember, even though our products are competitively priced compared to other premium products in their category, ours include FREE Shipping and a generous donation to your favorite nonprofit organization.

Q: What types of nonprofits qualify to become a H.O.P.E Client?
A: All legitimate nonprofits would qualify. This includes, but is not limited to, schools, hospitals, charities, associations and religious organizations.

Q: Can “for profit” corporations participate in the H.O.P.E. Program?
A: Absolutely, provided they are helping to support a nonprofit organization.

Q: How would that work?
A: For example, let’s say you own an auto dealership called “Superior Cars and Trucks.” We could create a private label program promoting your brand, provided your dealership names a nonprofit to which H.O.P.E. would make a donation on your behalf, for every case of water you purchase.

Q: That seems simple enough. How does the program work if you’re working directly with the nonprofit?
A: In this case, let’s say your organization is a local high school. Families of the students and their friends and neighbors would subscribe to the program. The label on the bottle would be the “brand” of the local high school that could also serve our water in their cafeteria and at sporting events, concerts and plays.
In addition, local businesses such as pizza parlors and ice cream stores could also serve the water to show their support for the school.

Q: How much money could my organization expect to generate from this program?
A: That’s a tough question to answer because there are many variables and it would be different for every organization. Some of the variables include: the size of the organization, the percentage of the organization’s members who choose to participate in the program, the organization’s willingness and ability to attract other people to support it such as friends and associates of supporters and the size and number of local organizations who also choose to support the organization.

Q: How does this program compare to other fundraising programs that my organization is also doing?
A: Our program is designed to be complementary to other programs. We are not attempting to replace those programs.
What we do offer that is highly likely to generate a substantial amount of revenue are the following: popular products that a large number of people are already using; an easy subscription application that doesn’t require any management on behalf of the nonprofit; convenient and FREE delivery direct to the subscriber so the organization never has to handle product; products that are consumed every month of the year; programs that are unaffected by the calendar, weather, time of day or require the nonprofit to spend extra money on management personnel.

Q: How do we get started?
A: Simply go to the “Contact Us” section of this site and fill in the form to have one of our Revenue Consultants walk you through the simple process… and remember, there is no cost or risk to your organization.

NOTE: Nothing contained herein is, or should be construed as, legal, tax, or accounting advice. The information provided was written to clarify certain aspects of the program and we highly recommend that clients should always consult with their independent professional advisors to seek advice on the applicability of this information to their specific circumstances.